We attended a locksmith call out in one our areas recently, the customer had locked them selves out of their property. The door was a wooden door with two locks a Mortice lock on the lower part of the door and a Yale type night latch lock on the upper part of the door both where locked. this process is fairly common and can be a long process.
The customer requested a precise quote as many quotes were high, we asked the customer to send us pictures via whatsapp we received the pictures which revealed extra information and the locksmith was able to assess the situation a lot more accurately, consequently the cost for the locksmith to gain entry to the property was reduced considerably. In this case the locksmith was able to arrive on site with the correct locksmith tools to resolve the problem in hand.
This is a common scenario, the use of the smartphone application can be a very useful tool on occasions like this. Every picture tells a story and in this case can save you money.